Fuji X100V-X The 40mm f2 Version A Real Alternative To Ricoh GRIIIX

Here is my first video regarding this 40mm option (I’ll do a follow-up soon):

I’ve really wanted to test this more in real world, but because of my health I wasn’t able to do more tests! But anyway the real world test and in studio are showing me very good results! X100V can become an X100V-X, a 40mm compact camera from Fuji.

The camera lens in 40mm crop mode (sports finder mode) it’s acting better or very similar to Fujifilm 27mm f2.8 mk ii lens.

Look at the pictures!

You can check the exif data by pressing the information icon, and at the end of the article you have a link to the Flickr album with jpegs SOOC.

Scene #1 X100v vs 27mm mk2 at f2.8

Scene 02 – Close Up

Scene 03 – In Front Out Of Focus Areea at f2.8

Scene 04 f2 vs f2.8

Scene 05 f2 vs f2.8

Scene 06 Both Lenses at F4

Scene 07 Both Lenses at F5.6


After looking at my test in real world and in the studio with real objects not charts, I’m really satisfied with what I’ve discovered. Indeed X100V can act as a 40mm lens camera very well. You can also see here the full pictures SOOC from the camera from this Flickr album.

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