Fujifilm Film Recipe: CineGlitch 800

Settings for CineGlitch 800

Film Recipe: CineGlitch 800

Lighting condtions: summer, outside with lots of sun, or in light cloudy weather, or in light shadows.

Film Simulation: Eterna Bleach Bypass

ISO Range: 800-3200
Dynamic Range: 400
NR: 0
Highlights: -1.5
Shadows: -1
Color: -4
Clarity: +5 (recommended)

Color Chrome: Strong
Color Chrome FX Blue: Strong

Sharpness: +2
Grain: Strong and small

WB: Daylight / Auto and shift it to
R -3
B +3

Exposure Compensation: 0 no need for over or under exposure, adjust depending on the light

Add Flash for amazing interior results just like film!

Follow the light and color for strong results!

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