Fujifilm “Ilford” Recipe With Consistent Results

What you’ll get

  • you’ll get a recipe that has good long term results without affecting the raw files
  • you’ll get an understanding of the settings so you can change the settings depending on the light and scene
  • you’ll get good jpegs that can be printed, personally I like the more contrasting ones

What you want from a film recipe

  • you must understand that this film recipes are a gimmick, they will mimic film in just some situations
  • so a balanced setting that will not affect your raw file is what you want
  • from the raw file using specifics apps like Silver Effex you can get the real deal
  • indeed Fujifilm across grain it’s something but have in mind that the sharing on social networks will affect the file
  • the jpeg file is best scene printed or original on a big screen
  • any resizing I feel it’s affecting the organic look
  • so basically find a way to share the files without resizing or adjusting / try to set the size of the jpeg file to be smaller, so your Fujifilm camera will give you a smaller jpeg, better for sharing

The Basic Ilford Recipe

  • Film Simulation Acros Yellow
  • 400 DR
  • ISO NR -4
  • Sharp -3
  • H -2
  • S +1 / 0.5 for X-e4 / X-S10/X-T4
  • +1 / +2 over expose (generally +1)
  • Grain small and strong
  • Color Chrome Effect Strong
  • Color Chrome FX Blue Strong
  • Monocromatic Color WC +1 MG-1 (Sepia Toned)

Ilford Recipe For Flat Light

  • H Tone 0
  • S Tone +1 / +2 or 0.5 incrementals

Ilford Recipe For Harsh Light

  • H Tone -2
  • S Tone -1

Be more bold

  • clarity -3 in good light or +2 in flat light
  • shift the WB after taking the pictures with R+8 B-2 – excellent for skin tones luminosity but use with caution / aplly after taking the picture

Save this all recipe in your Fujifilm Camera as:

  • Ilford Basic
  • Ilford Flat Light
  • Ilford Harsh Light

Check full size images on Flickr album: link here.

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