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Alex M

Wedding Photographer

What I like about Tudor is that he is very clear in the way that he explain things! You can't bit his arguments and know-how.

Tudor Mateescu


Here Are Some Pictures STRAIGHT FROM THE CAMERA & NO-CROP Made With X100V In The First Part

Here are some pictures with Fujifilm X100V from PART #02 of the video that it's private and free for the members of my newsletter.

Here Are Some Picture Made With X-PRO3 From Part #02 (Private And Free Just For Members)

Find Out How And Why I've Used Fujifilm X100V

Watch this video you'll find the reasons why and how I've used Fujifilm X100V. See me in action, getting close and obtaining astonishing documentary images.

Find Out How And Why I've Used Fujifilm X-PRO3

I've started to use Fujifilm X-PRO3 in the second part of the event when the action was getting hot. So, if I wasn't close enough with X100V to the action, now I'm really close with Fujinon 35mm f2 lens attached to my X-PRO3 camera.


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About Tudor Mateescu

I have 10 years experience in using Fujifilm cameras. My first Fujifilm camera was Fujifilm X100 Finepix. Also I use lots of other cameras too: Lumix & Olympus M43 System, Full Frame Sony System, Nikon and so on. I'm very passionate about photography and photography gear.

Also I'm the author of best selling photography e-books and courses in Romania. So let's connect and enjoy photography!

Fujifilm X100 Fine Pix / 2017

Bucharest / May 2017

Fujifilm X100f / 2019

Bucharest / October 2019

Fujifilm X100V / 2021

Bucharest / September 2021

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