Leica M11 First Impression Roundup

In this post I want to show my notes and my first impression from the videos I’ve seen and study to grasp a good understanding of Leica M11.

Leica M11 vs Leica M10 | A Hands On First Look & Comparison

by Benj Haisch

My Notes From The Video

  • 5 years for a full Leica M to come out
  • the black version is 20% lighter than the silver version (made from aluminum, not brass)
  • ISO 64 big deal – can repleace the possible bad electronic shutter
  • Leica Visoflex has blackout and is not useful for weddings
  • USB port it’s not covered but it’s weather sealed enough
  • Internal memory 64gb a little restrictive
  • The bottom plate, fantastic for fast pace work

The Leica M11 is Here (Why it is NOT for ME). Man, Leica Sucks….

by Steve Huff Photo & HiFi

My Notes From The Video

  • you can’t be honest and have relationship with camera companies
  • Leica M11 it’s the first camera that it’s not for Steve Huff
  • 60MP will not be great in low light
  • 24MP it’s the sweat spot for Steve Huff (also for me)
  • The main new feature – triple pixel 60MP/36/18MP
  • The electronic shutter will give the jello effect effect – Steve believes that it has the same problem like Hasselblad
  • No base plate, a good move
  • The external EVF it’s huge, blocky, bulky, gets knocked off and looks weird, and can be lost; it also destroys the design
  • Steve Huff ask for a solution like on X-PRO3 EVF&OVF
  • The range finder get’s out of alignment and you must send the camera to calibration 2weeks – two-three month for service
  • At the end of the day 10k for a Leica M with 60MP it’s not for Steve Huff

These LEICA M11 Features Are Needed In The FUJIFILM X-Pro 4 & GFX 50Rii

by Dee Rosa

  • Fuji put true rangefinder focusing
  • Fuji make true manual focus lenses
  • Fujifilm put IBIS
  • Fujifilm put 64GB/128GB internal storage (better 128GB)
  • Tri-Resolution Sensors For Fujifilm

Personal Notes

  • I don’t understand why 7Artisans or TTartisans or other Chinese manufacture doesn’t make a film or digital ranger finder. Their lenses are good enough and very enjoyable to use!
  • Fujifilm should go full frame, keeping things compact – but I guess it’s just my dream

My Video With Leica M11 First Impression Roundup And Why I’ll Stick To Fujifilm X-PRO3


Leica M11 Conclusion

I think it’s a very niche camera. Some people are hoping that used Leica M10 prices will go down. I don’t think so. Leica put a bigger price tag on Leica M11 so the prices on used market will not go down. Also, after the hype people will start appreciate more their 24MP/40MP Leica cameras. At the end of the day we all want a Leica but a expensive ranger finder it’s not for everyone.

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