OM 20mm F1.4 M.Zuiko Lens Review

When this lens was first launched I told to myself, don’t look at another micro four third lens, that is so expansive. Don’t look. But I’ve looked! And looked… and looked… and bought it! So in this video I want to tell you if this can be your dream go to lens for every day use?

My Fist Impression And The Fun Factor

This lens for it’s primary for the 40mm field of view on a M43 format.

Om 20mm f1.4 shot at f1.4

It’s amazing, I love it so much. Why? Because I can get in a 40mm field of view the building, the surroundings that I can’t get when using a 40mm lens on 3×2 format sensor. The information that I get with this lens on a vertical level it’s the same as with a 28mm full frame field of view lens. But I don’t need to get as close as with a 28mm lens.

Also this lens can be used as a 35mm lens or as a 50mm lens. As a documentary lens, as a portrait lens and as a landscape lens. Having the f1.4 aperture and optimized feather bokeh means that I can get beautiful portraits and good indoor shots and also night shots. So this ticked all the boxes for my perfect go to lens.

But will this lens perform in real world use as an every day lens?

Yes if it’s paired with a small camera like: OMD EM10, EM5, Pen F and Lumix GX9.

What I don’t like about OM 20mm F1.4 M.Zuiko Lens

  • it could be smaller
  • it could be lighter
  • the size and weight are at the limit of an every day, caryy with all day long lens
  • put a metal lens hood, learn from Viltrox

OM 20mm F1.4 M.Zuiko Lens Image Quality

  • I’m really amazed. I’m allways amazed buy the Olympus and OM Systems PRO Lenses
  • the resolution it’s excellent
  • very good contrast, details and all the things that you could want from a good lens
  • excellent microcontrast
  • the bokeh it’s so bokelichous and so dreammy, so smooth, so fether like
  • very good for close portraits
  • very good at night
  • very good for landscape and urban landscape photopgraphy

Portraits With OM 20mm F1.4 M.Zuiko Lens

Here are some indoors portraits.

For me this is a supreme test! If the image quality indoors, with lowlight and with busy background it’s good, than it means the lens and the systems are good. As you can see the my subject are popping and are well isolated from the background.

OM 20mm F1.4 M.Zuiko Lens By Night

One of the problem that I hate about M43 camera was the fact that I could not use them indoors. The normal lenses with their f1.8 aperture and not pro grade glass, aren’t resolving enough the details of an indoor, low light shooting. But with that lens all it’s gone. I can use it indoors with low light with no problems! The quality of the glass, the fast AF and that f1.4 are making this lens a great go to lens for family pictures and snaps!

Build Quality – 9 / 10

OM 20mm f1.4 Lens on Lumix GX9
  • wether sealed
  • metal and strong building
  • Thin plastic lens hood.

OM 20mm F1.4 M.Zuiko Lens Focusing

  • very good on my Lumix GX9
  • good AFS, AFC and eye detect on my GX9
  • but definitely it has a fast autofocusing lens

M.Zuiko20mm F1.4 OM Lens Image Samples

Check the feather bokeh and the rendering of the out of focusing areas front and behind the subject.

Check my color Flickr album here and black and white here.


What we need next from OM System? We need 17mm f1.4, 25mm f1.4 and 45mm f1.4 pro grade and small lenses! Make it even smaller than this one. Also put that new sensor of OM-1 on OMD EM10 MKV – what a small, performant and unique setup can OM System create!

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