TTArtisan 23mm F1.4 Review On Fujifilm X-PRO3

Here is my video review:

Fun factor a.k.a. “Mojoness”

TTartisan 23mm f1.4 on Fujifilm X-PRO3
  • OVF on X-PRO3: it’s not blocked, the effect that you see with the corner of your eye, when rotating the zebra ring it’s giving you the desire to shoot and shoot
  • good tactile aperture ring with good clicks
  • smart aperture values with half stops from f1.4 to f4 full stops f4/f5.6/f8 and a double stop (f8-f16)
  • the design of the lens – Carl Zeiss Jenna look / beautiful, vintage and practical!
  • packaging – superb for the price, on the premium side with vintage accents

Design and Ergonomics

TTartisan 23mm f1.4 on Fujifilm X-PRO3

  • practical rings – really love that!
  • you identify by feel the aperture ring and also the focusing ring
  • beautiful Carl Zeiss Jena zebra design

Build quality – very good

  • solid bottom cap
  • all metal
  • good dumping and resitance of the ring
  • focusing operation is very smooth but it took a little to lubricate well


TTartisan 23mm f1.4 on Fujifilm X-PRO3
  • excellent scale
  • very good in highlight peeking… very accurate!
  • I was able to nail the focus on my fast moving kids and also on streets but I need more practice at f1.4 but the focusing it’s so well made that it’s giving me the confidence to try and practice…
  • excellent operation of the focusing ring
  • excellent distance scale
  • at infinity point you can shoot at f8 and f16 but at f16 you have diffraction – I recommend to use the hyper focal distance of the lens (3.5 meters at f8) and you’ll have sharp pictures from 1.29 – to 4.5 meters
  • the lens works better than an adapted lens, and using the lens it’s making me remember the Zeiss Loxia lens that I had.. it’s that good the focusing mechanism!
  • Minimum Focus Distance it’s 20cm very very good and also sharp! (You can’t get that with a Leica M mount lens).

Image Quality

  • must be judge for what this lens is and the price: street, documentary, fun, replacement for a vintage lens at a price under an old 30 years vintage lens!
  • it’s sharper than my Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 20mm that I had and other vintage lenses
  • very sharp for what I’ve expected
  • also very sharp at macro level at f1.4
  • very filmish looking colors and BNW tones
  • very organically looking jpegs and raw files
  • very good in real world use for what it is
  • yes you’ll have chromatic aberration and some flare in difficult lighting situations, but regarding flare I would say it’s stays pretty well / so for the price I must add that the CA/flare are well controlled
  • Good contrast – not low, to to strong!
  • Vignetting.. yes it’s there.. but nothing to worry if you know photography and practice photography in real world 😉
  • Some smudgy corners at f1.4 f2.8
  • Field curvature at f1.4 can appear in certain situation


  • it can be used for production in the studio for a special look
  • excellent manual focusing experience
  • it has a special vintage rendering but with a punch of a modern lens – excellent combination!!
  • it’s a lens full of mojoness and with x-pro3 it’s a match made in Heaven!
  • I wish it had water resistance so you could take it with you anywhere.. it’s that good for the price.
  • very good MFD – 20cm !!!
  • the price is unbelievable for what it’s offering – if you a vintage lens without the problems of adapting and without the problems of an old lens, this is the lens to get!

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