Work With Me

If you are seeing this page than it means that you want to work with me and you are a marketing professional that understands social media, product placements, reviews and influencers.

Why work with me?

🔴I’m not your average reviewer and content creator!

🔥I’m a full-time marketing specialist with high knowledge in sales, copywriting and SEO. Capable of driving sales with words.

Because words are doing the sale (not the fancy “brolls”).

I have over 20 years of successful experience in online marketing and sales for my company and other companies (big and small).

Also I have good technical knowledge so I can understand your product specifications and present them as benefits by creating good emotion in my presentation.

💰This means generating leads and sales for your products!

I present just products that I feel I’m enthusiast about it so this will help me be authentic and excited about your product.

So now, it’s time to hire a full time senior copywriter and sales specialist that will help with organic search, SEO and make the viewers buy your awesome products!

Understand my channel first

📸My channel is focused on camera gear for photography and videography – so if you have a camera, a camera lens or body than the right service for you it’s a full review.

🤳If you have a camera accessories like: cages, batteries, straps, tripods, lights etc. than my advice is to opt for a product placement – I will place you product in one of my videos that is very related to your product – I can also say that the video is sponsored by you and keep the product all time on my desk (it depends on the video of course).

My Services

  • full product review
  • product placement – 1-3 minute presentation inside a video (great option for products that aren’t directly related to my niche and can’t drive organic reach)

Contact me for details.

Testimonial That I Received

Here is some important feedback that I get from viewers and people who follow me. I have more if you read the YouTube comments.

Testimonial from Synco Microphones Marketing Team
Testimonial from renowed world photographer Spencer Tunick
Testimonial from Yonguo Marketing Team
Testimonial Smallrig Marketig Team
For the video Godox Lux Junior.

Contact me now to collaborate

I’m reading pretty fast my Instagram DM @tudormateescu. Or use the contact form: contact me. In general for good and serious cooperation I do prefer email – because it’s easier to keep track on the long term.