Photography Books And Courses From The Masters

I’ve compiled a list of books and courses for photography.

I included the essential books for beginners in photography. Also I’ve added the street photography books and the titans (must-have photography books in your library).

These books and courses are my primary source of inspiration and education. I totally recommend them!

Books And Courses For Photography

Michael Freeman Series

Utilizing more than four decades of hands-on expertise, Michael Freeman, a bestselling author, and photographer, delves into the essential foundations of photography: light and shadow. In this endeavor, he revitalizes this crucial aspect of the image-crafting journey, aligning it with the modern sensibilities of the 21st century. Check the books on Amazon

I totally recommend this series to a beginner. If you are just starting then this is the book series that you should read.

Total Picture Control by Feininger Andreas

This was one of my first books about photography that opened my eyes. It’s a classic and must-have for everyone who wants to learn about crafting images with photography.

Photography is dance between poetry and technical abilities. Learn more by reading this book. A true classic must have and very affordable book!

Street Photography Books & Courses

Matt Stuart Think Like a Street Photographer

“Never does that old maxim ‘the harder I practice, the luckier I get’ ring truer.” – Matt Stuart

This is a killer book. Great pieces of advice are presented in English humoristic way. Also, the pictures are incredible! This a must-have book for every passionate photographer!

Street photography may look like luck, but you have to get out there and hone your craft if you want to shake up those luck vibes. Matt Stuart never goes out without his trusty Leica and, in a career spanning twenty years, has taken some of the most accomplished, witty and well-known photographs of the streets.

Matt Stuart

Street Photography Course With Craig Whitehead

Talented author with lots of experience in street photography. Totally recommend his books and courses.

  1. Street Photography: Unlock the Secrets of Composition, Color & Confidence – Skill Share 16000+ students – click here
  2. Street Photography Composition: 5 Techniques for Standout Photos – click here

Other Recommend Authors

Must HAVE Photography Titans In Your Library

These are the books and photography courses that inspired me in my work and in my evolution. Totally recommend them. You will not go wrong with any of these books and resources.

Do you have other recommendations? Leave me a comment!

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