TTArtisan 50mm F1.2 REVIEW: A Budget-Friendly Manual Focusing Lens for Fujifilm Cameras

In this video, I will be sharing my review of the TTArtisan 50mm F1.2 lens on Fujifilm XT5, which is a budget-friendly lens that provides excellent image quality and an excellent manual focusing experience. I will be discussing the build quality, ergonomics, and real-world experience of using this lens for street photography.

TTArtisan 50mm f1.2 Build Quality and Ergonomics

TTArtisan 50mm f1.2 on Fujifilm X-T5 and Fujifilm X100V

The build quality of this lens is impressive, fully made of metal and glass, and has a good weight to it. The aperture ring has nice clicks, and the protruding parts make it easy to change the aperture. The lens markings are easy to read, and the focusing ring has a good grip to it. The focusing ring is very smooth, and it has a large focusing throw from infinity to 0.5 cm. The minimum focusing distance of 0.5 cm is a nice touch.

The highlight peeking on this lens works great. TTArtisan 50mm f1.2 @ f1.2 / Fujifilm X-T5

The lens has a short telephoto focal length of 75mm on an APS-C crop sensor.

Real-world experience with TTArtisan 50mm f1.2

I used this lens indoors and obtained great results during a photoshoot with my wife. I was able to focus the lens accurately despite its challenging focal length. I then decided to use it for street photography, where I was surprised by its outstanding manual focusing performance.

I was able to capture images after images, and the highlight peaking feature worked amazing for portraits and street photography.

Manual focusing was easy, and I was able to get better-focused images than with a third-party lens like the Sigma 56mm f/1.4.

The precision of this lens is remarkable for street photography, and the highlight peaking feature eliminates the need to punch in to check the focus.

Image Quality

The image quality is excellent, and the lens performed great in street photography, especially with the F/1.2 aperture. The highlight peaking worked amazingly well, and I was able to see the red highlights on the eyes and glasses that I wanted to be in focus. The lens is ideal for portraits, static objects, fine art street photography, and more.


Overall, the TTArtisan 50mm F1.2 lens is an excellent lens for street photography. It provides outstanding image quality and an excellent manual focusing experience, making it suitable for portraits, fine art street photography, and static objects. The lens is budget-friendly, and its build quality and ergonomics are impressive. I highly recommend this lens to any Fujifilm XT5 users who want to experiment with manual focusing lenses. You buy this lens for fun, not for ultimate image quality – for the money, the lens is a bargain and can replace vintage lenses without problems!

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