Fujifilm X-T5 vs Fujifilm X-PRO3 Real World Review

I’ve used Fujifilm X-5 side by site with X-PRO3. Here are my findings regarding Fujifilm X-T5 versus Fuji X-PRO3.

After checking my review video here are some key points!

Build Quality of Fujifilm X-T5 vs X-PRO3

  • X-PRO3 is feeling more premium in hand
  • Fujifilm X-T5 top plastic dials and knobs are feeling a little bit cheap in hand when you use in the same time X-PRO3

Weight And Size of Fujifilm X-T5 vs X-PRO3

  • X-T5 is lite and it works well with liter lenses
  • X-T5 works well with bigger and heavier lenses like Fujifilm 18mm f1.4 but the overall package has some heft to it
  • X-PRO3 is balancing very well with lite lenses but also with large lenses

Ergonomics of Fujifilm X-T5 vs Fuji X-PRO3

  • X-T5 has better ergonomics
  • the two dials for changing ISO and Shutter Speed with a lens with aperture ring is a joy in use – you can set your exposure with eye closed
  • the X-PRO3 ISO dial is cumbersome (you need to pull it up, maintain the pull and change ISO – it’s a pain) – yes, you can enter in the C mode (control mode) but this defeats the purpose of the X-PRO3 ISO Dial

Feeling in hand of Fujifilm X-T5 vs X-PRO3

  • Fujifilm X-PRO3 is feeling more premium built
  • X-T5 stays well in the hand but the you feel the plastics
  • if you don’t have both bodies, you’ll be okay with Fujifilm X-T5 (is premium enough).

AF Of X-T5 Vs Fujifilm X-PRO3

  • X-T5 has a great AF
  • X-PRO3 is behind X-T5 and even behind Fujifilm X-E4/X-T4 – but you don’t by Fujifilm X-PRO3 a ranger finder dedicated camere for the latest AF

Image Quality of Fujifilm X-T5 vs X-PRO3

  • Fujifilm X-T5 has the best image quality
  • X-PRO3 is close to X-T5 but the difference in image quality is strong


  • get Fujifilm X-T5 if you want the best ergonomics and best image quality from Fujifilm (with Photography first in mind!) – get it here
  • get Fujifilm X-pro3 if you want a camera with premium built, a soul camera, a fun camera – get it here

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